Monday, 12 October 2009


So a while back some of my lovely friends from Visual Studies kindly asked if I would like to particpate with them in an exhibtion this coming November at the STEW gallery in Norwich. Of course I agreed straight away.
Over summer the theme tribute was agreed for the exhibition. I originally paniced, but then I realised that I was sitting in a Motel room in America at the time, having just visited multiple sites of tribute on my journey so I had inspiration up to the eyeballs.
So for the exhibition I have decided to do a Tribute to a Tribute.

You can find out more information about Tribute, including interviews from the featuring artists and when it is all at the blog:

Space and Lace?

So I probably should be out with my friends, having fun and junk, but I'm tired so instead I'm going to write what you can expect of me next.
I've decided to base my new brief around astronomy (so like stars and planets and stuff ha).
I intend to make fabric and a body of work based on the surfaces of planets and constellations of stars and that kind of general imagery. I'm liking the circular theme that's emerging as I do more research. Oh I just love circles.
We shall see how it all turns out.